zondag, januari 20, 2013

Swatches - Catrice Nail Polishes

In the last blogpost you saw that I bought these nail polishes. Now I'm going to show you the swatches of these nail polishes!

CO6 Be Natural
I like this colour! It's a little grey/braun. It covers good in 2 coats. 

CO2 Natural Is Calling
I also like this colour. It's really light and soft and it covers good in 2 coats.

CO5 Have A Good Day
Also do like this colour. It is a light grey colour and it has a little a shimmer in it. It covers good in 2 coats.

CO4 Wild, Wild West-side
At last this weird nail polish. It has an suede effect. You can't see it good on the photo, but it has an weird effect. It looks smooth when you polish your nail. When it drys it doesn't dry smooth but it has little lines or bumps in it. The nail polish covers good in 2 coats. I like this nail polish, but I don't think it's very special...

I'm not sure if you still can buy these nail polish. I bought these for €1 and they were in the sale boxes, so I don't know if you still can find these at every Kruidvat.

Lots of love,

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