woensdag, januari 16, 2013


Shoplog! I went to Kruidvat after school. I bought some things at Kruidvat in the sale.

I wanted buy these cotton pads. They are in the sale for €1,75 and then you got 3x 80 cotton pads.

Actually I only wanted to buy the cotton pads, but I looked around and I saw these nail polishes. I saw these at the sale boxes and they cost €1.

I bought also 2 mascaras from Catrice. It was 1+1, one mascara cost €3,99 and you got 1 free.

I saw at the pay desk lip balm from Labello. 2 lip balms for €2, so I also bought that. This is what I bought at Kruidvat today. I had to pay €11,75 for all these things.

By the way I saw that some products from Essence and Catrice in the sale: 50% off.

Lots of love,

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