maandag, mei 06, 2013

Shoplog #2

I'm sorry that I didn't post anything for a while. Last few weeks I bought some things that I like to share with you all. I went to Action, Hema and Kruidvat, so enjoy reading !

First I went to Action. I bought nailstickers from MAX&MORE. I think I'm going to review this nailstickers. They cost €0,59. 
And a body butter from Sence. I don't know the price, but I think I paid between €1 and €2 for it.

Then I went to Hema. I bought a nailpolish. A nice pastel purple for €2,50. 

And earrings, little hearts. I really like them. They cost €3,95. 

I also bought a eyeshadowbrush. A fluffy and soft eyeshadowbrush. It costs €2,60.

At last I went to Kruidvat. I bought parfum that I had already seen in a video from Vera Camilla. I saw it and thought I want it !! So I went to Kruidvat, smell it and buy it. It cost €7,99.

And I bought a BB Cream from Catrice for €5,99. I really want to try this one. It's cheap and I read some good reviews about it, so I wanted to try it myself. 

The last I thing I bought is a 3D eyeshadow from Essence. I think these look so beautiful. I chose the colour 04 - irresistible caramel cream. 

I hope you enjoy reading this blogpost. 
I will see you next time!

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