zondag, februari 17, 2013

The Grammys Awards 2013

I watched The Grammys yesterday. They are wearing special dresses, so I was looking for some dresses and makeup looks. On tv I saw some nice dresses so I went to www.grammy.com and searched some photos.

Here's Rihanna, wearing a nice, long, red dress with red lips!

Taylor Swift in a long, white dress. I don't like the silver things at her neck, but the rest of the dress is beautiful. And her makeup is amazing!

Katy Perry in a nice, mingreen dress. The flowers at her neck are really pretty, but I don't like the open part of the dress. Her makeup is really nice!

Adele in a red, flower dress! I don't like it, it's too much... But her makeup is really nice and naturel!

Jennifer Lopez, a simple, black dress.. I think she better had cover her leg a little more...

Beyoncé! She isn't wearing a dress... Her clothes aren't really special, but I like her makeup! Nice, red lips and not too much on her eyes.

Kimbra (from 'somebody that I used to know'), I think she is looking like a kind of fairy in this dress... I don't like the dress, it's too much I think. But her makeup is really nice!

What do you think of this dresses and makeup looks?

Lots of love,

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